YAWP stands for Yet Another Webservice Provider... It's a mildly geekish joke, from the Elder Days of the World Wide Web: 1995, or thereabouts.

Even then, when the companies offering web hosting could all be indexed and listed by Yahoo!, they still numbered in the tens of thousands. When I told a friend (a sysad for a major university) what I was planning, his response was, "Oh great.. just what the world needs: yet another webservice provider."

Realizing that I'd never hear a better business name than that, I immediately scampered off to register the domain YAWP.COM (for free, these being the Elder Days of the World Wide Web), and the rest is history.

Frankly, the idea of this domain being used for commercial hosting is pretty much history, too. The big players have gotten into the game, and commodity network services have taken over the market. I do host some small sites on a pro-bono basis, and handle a few commercial clients who want something that's not on the standard commodity price lists.

Mostly, though, this domain is where I hang my virtual hat. It's my home-office on the internet. My name is Mike Stone, and I'm a freelance geek.