by Dr. Leonid Roseweitz

TESLA RESEARCH LABORATORY: In light of the recent devastating natural disaster in Ferndale on May 25th, the question of "weather-tampering" by the New Weapons Division of the infamous Black Portfolio Project is being carefully considered. Some of you may remember our coverage of this matter when it first gained national attention a year ago (see: The Black Portfolio, July, 1995, vol. II, issue 7). On June 15th, 1995, various militia leaders were questioned by the Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology, and Government Information. The Michigan Militia's Commander Olson, bravely pointed a finger at the CIA as the "grandest conspirator behind all this government" whose "puppeteer strings" might "even reach into the Senate."

     Robert Fletcher, of the Militia of Montana, testified under oath that he had knowledge of weather-tampering technology that the US Government secretly developed for nefarious purposes. He said, "Its proven and documented it exists." Fletcher further stated a "weather control satellite" stirred up 85 midwestern tornadoes to confuse US citizenry and caused millions of dollars in damage. Such "weather-control techniques (would be used) so the New World Order could starve millions of Americans."

weather satellite

Is this a US Weather Control Satellite?

     Rep. Schumer (D) of Brooklyn belittled the hearing as a "soapbox for the wacky right."

     Nearly one year later, terrible storms have returned, but with a staggering new twist. These sinister storms seem to demonstrate improved weather-control technologies. As reported in the Ferndale Gazette,May 26th, the new Doppler Radar coverage system in Paducah, KY was in perfect working order when devastating storms raged across four Midwestern states. "We had everything from tornadoes on the ground to large hail and wind damage," meteorologist Pat Spoden recalls, "It was all over the place." Yet, mysteriously, the new 1.5 million dollar radar missed the four worst "fingers of God" which ripped through Ferndale, tossed trains from their tracks like toys, and flung a cement truck into the next county. Both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) and National Weather Service remain silent as to why no warning was issued whatsoever.

     Perhaps these agencies now find themselves in a hurricane of trouble because they are covering up one of the most devastating weapons tests of all time. We encourage those with a sense of outrage to contact their elected officials and emphasize in writing their opposition to manipulating the forces of nature for military applications.




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