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15 September 2000

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this photo show Judy seated on the porch of the Homestead cabin at Silver Dollar City telling a story

Dear readers and friends, you realy should read Judy Young's books because they'll scare the skin off your back and turn your skin as white as snow espesially "Scary Story Reader" with all its great tales of Horror. I met Judy Young and If you have met or will meet Judy Young, I'm sure you'll have fun. So if you like Scary stories read Scary Story Reader or any of Judy Young's books.
Sincerly your friend,
Stephanie Hewett
age 11

My favorite Missouri author is Judy Young because she's enthusiastic and can tell stories great! The good thing about it is that she never gets boring when she's telling a story. Also she never forgets a story that's told to her. My favorite folk story is the one about the spinning wheel and the mean king. I'm not going to tell you anymore about the story because I don't want to ruin it for the young readers that want to read it.
Sincerely yours,
Jeremy Hundley
age 11

Dear readers,
My favorite author is Judy Young. She is a very good author. My favorite book she wrote was "Scary Story". I liked the way she spiced the stories up and made my skin crawl. My favorite story in "Scary Story" is "The Killer in the Back Seat." The Missouri authors just came to my school in Branson. Thanks.
Josh Reynolds
age 12

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