black division line


black division line


An urban legend from Beverly, Massachussetts, collected for, but never published in, the Scary Story Reader

A young man and woman were parking on a side road in the park near Pigeon Cove. They lost track of the time, and were very late starting home. The boy was driving too fast along highway 127, near Hammond Castle, where the road is spooky. Something appeared at the side of the road, and frightened the driver. The boy swerved, and lost control of the car. They ran off the road toward the sea, and crashed against a rock.

Neither teenager was wearing a seat belt, and both kids were battered and bloody. The girl woke up, and looked out her window. The boy was standing over her, covered with blood, leaning on the car.

He told her the accident was his fault, that he was teeribly sorry for hurting her, and that he would go for help. She watched him climb toward the highway, and she passed out again.

Up on the road, a constable was driving by in a cruiser. The boy stepped onto the tarmac and flagged down the constable, who got out and followed the boy down the slope toward the smashed car.

Down at the wreck, the girl woke up again, and was disoriented. She opened her door and pulled herself out of the front seat, to start up the hill toward the headlights of the cruiser. She met the officer coming down.

The constable caught her as she stumbled, and supported her with his right arm. He turned to ask the boy beside him a question. The boy was gone.

The officer and the injured girl looked down toward the wreck. They saw the boy...where he had been all long.

Behind the wheel of the twisted car, cold and dead.

black division line

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black division line

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black division line

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